Friday, September 10, 2021

August adventures

 I've lived in Nova Scotia 12 years and as of a few weeks ago I had never visited Yarmouth.  I had travelled to the tip top of the province at Meat Cove, but had never ventured to the "bottom".

Happily that has now been rectified.


Just below Yarmouth, poking into the open Atlantic, warning ships at sea, is Cape Forchou; a well-known tourist destination.  These are some photos from along the spit of land leading to the lighthouse. Loads of photo op spots.

My travelling companion is always up to pose for a photo.

In spite of Covid, or perhaps because of it, the lighthouse is a popular destination.

The door was propped open revealing the narrowness of the unique "apple core"  lighthouse design.  

There is a pretty scenic walking trail around the cape.

Another goal on my adventure was to visit Shag Harbour.  You know about Shag Harbour ?


It was reported as a downed plane.  Many local fisher folk rushed out in their boats to look for survivors.  All they found was foam on the water and very briefly, lights under the water.  It is the World's best goverment documented UFO sighting and yet few are aware of it.


One of the amazing things about Nova Scotia is the unexpected places you were NOT planning on visiting; but simply stumbled across.  Case in point: Cape Sable Island.

Dexter and I had many different beaches all to ourselves.  Keep in mind that this is a warm day in August !

It's hard not to stop as I drive down Nova Scotia backroads, having glimpsed a tucked away beach.  And once we stop, at the very least a wander is in order.

That teeny lighthouse in the distance is Cape Forchou!

Turns out Dexter is a marvellous travelling companion and we can't wait for our next adventure.


  1. Lovely shots. Looking forward to rambling with you soon.

  2. That Dexter is a doggie that really knows how to pose for photos. Another great adventure trip, Sybil!

  3. What fab photos! Dexter is so darn cute! I haven't been to any of these places but I HAVE been to Meat Cove! The apple core lighthouse is fascinating. And what a mean lean on that old fishing shed!

    1. I'd never seen fishing shacks on floating "docks" before.

  4. Great pictures, Sybil, and looks like it was a fun trip! I need to travel down to that area too - the farthest south I've been since we moved here is Port Mouton.

  5. What a great adventure, and wonderful traveling companion :) Great shot of the two of you! We travel to Cape Sable Island often (love it there!), but only get to Yarmouth about once a year or so.

    1. That makes sense. Cape Sable Island is stunning. Perhaps I'm being unfair but Yarmouth didn't tug me for a return visit.

  6. This was a wonderful remote vacation I just went on with you and Dexter! Incredible shots and interesting tales (and tails :))

    1. Thanks so much Lisa. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.


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