Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to High Head.

On my first trip there, High Head Trail was shrouded in fog.  The sea, the rocks and the sky were grey.  Where the sea ended and the sky began was a mystery.

Last Friday dawned sunny and clear; a perfect day to introduce my chums, Sara and Kelly to this marvellous hike, and an opportunity for me to see where the sea ended and the sky began.  

See ...

Foggy or clear, the scenery is amazing.

Here I s'pose I should insert some pithy comment about the single tree, blue sky and barren hill.

Sara spotted this piece of found art near the shore.

So many photo ops.

It's hard to know how far we walked as we stopped so often to take selfies, admire the scenery, photograph a massive glacial rock or stop for a sandwich lunch.

The only thing better than exploring a trail is exploring a trail with friends.
Wendy and Sooki are marvellous walking companions.
Before walking back to our cars after several hours of exploring we found this spot where we could look down on the nearby hamlet of Prospect.

What is amazing is that this scenic walk is far from unique.  So many country roads ending at the Atlantic or the Bay of Fundy leads to similar stunning walks.

What is surprising is how few Nova Scotians know about these marvellous not-so-hidden gems.


  1. Great post and great pictures of a great day! Looking forward to doing the hike from the other end in the fall :-)

    You and me and Sara took almost identical pictures of the big grey rock and sea :-)

  2. Thanks for introducing this trail to us Sybil. It was a marvelous day...absolutely beautiful in every way.

  3. Love the rock strewn hills against the backdrop of the sea...


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