Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I guess it's time for a new header image ...

It's been a while.

I think I've mentioned before that because I post a lot to Facebook that seems to meet my need to keep in touch with friends and family near and far; but it doesn't really, coz not all of them are on Facebook.

When finally I do think about creating a blog post, I feel overwhelmed as so much has happened.

So very much has happened.

Butters, Roswell and Charlotte.

I began the New Year with four cats and two dogs.  Today I have one cat and two dogs; and one of those dogs is not the same as before.

Sooki, Wendy, Butters and Charlotte.

The precis version:  Roswell (died from a collapsed lung), Charlotte went to live with Kait, Butters (died from complications from diabetes) and my dear, dear Wendy (died from bone cancer).

My beloved Wendy.

Sorry to lay all that on you in one lump, but it is what it is.

My wonderful Wendy.


I have never however been known for my practicality, and hence by summer's end a new pup entered our household.

His name is Dexter and he has fit right in...

Clara, Dexter and Sooki.

... but I still miss Wendy.

I have left memory stones at places we used to walk.


  1. Your wonderful photos of your pets have helped them live on. This was so sad, but still, as you say, life must go on...

    1. Thanks. As I have no pictures in my head -- no visual memory -- my photos ARE the only memories I have.

  2. Sending big hugs your way. It has been a tough year, but the new little man sure brings a lot of joy :)

    1. Thanks Sara. He is such a "little man" ... prancing around the house dragging found objects and thinking himself a big deal. lol

  3. Thanks Sybil for keeping us updated with your pet family. What a fun loving pet owner your are and you get such great rewarding from your adorable pets. What a great outdoor and caring life you gave and are still giving them. Bless you! xxx

    1. Love from Sylvie, Mike and Thibault xxxxx

  4. Ah Sybil, I am so sorry for the loss of your friends/pets, especially Wendy. I know the broken space in the heart that takes a long time to heal. I still miss my little Sadie. I have Aslan the cat now, but there are still days when I sense little Sadie close by.


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