Friday, May 31, 2019

Three birthdays a year !

It all began innocently enough in 2016 when my chums Sara and Kelly and I got together for my birthday; and took the inevitable celebratory photograph.

The next time we got together it was Sara's birthday and upon that occasion we had another photo taken while we held the previous birthday's photo.

And so it has gone on ...

and on ...

and on ....

Today's birthday lunch was at the LaHave Bakery near Bridgewater.

After Sara's birthday lunch we went for a rather chilly beach walk.  

 Then we walked on the boardwalk which was warmer being protected from the cold ocean wind.


We love our birthday get togethers so much we sometimes get together even when it's not a birthday.   


  1. Nothing says fun and friendship like being silly and goofy together! Keeps everyone young.

    1. Sure does Debra. I hope you have some friends you can be silly with.

  2. Too bad we only have one birthday a year each :-) Oh, wait a minute - more birthdays means getting old faster - nevermind! We'll just have to keep getting together for non-birthday fun :-)

    1. You bet kiddo. I just wish we didn't have such a distance between us and such crappy winter weather for driving


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