Sunday, June 30, 2019

Happy Anniversary to me !

Ten years ago, July 1, 2009 I retired from the work-a-day world.  

Back then I thought I'd be staying in Peterborough, Ontario to the end of my days; but circumstances changed and we moved to Nova Scotia.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and I know if I'd stayed in Peterborough I'd now be better off financially, but I offset that with the knowledge that my life in Nova Scotia has been rich in so many other ways.

I love this little province.  Ten months of the year I can go to a beach and have the place to myself.

My joys in life are centred on walks with my dogs, gardening, exploring, singing in various choirs and hanging with friends from here and away.

... oh I forgot to mention occasionally kayaking and camping.


Because of my lack of pictures inside my head and hence real memories, I'm so glad I have photos to help me "remember".

Roswell and Butters are gone but I cannot recall how long ago they died. 
They are pretty much gone from my mind.


I know it's been almost a year since sweet old Wendy died.  I know I  loved her but I cannot see her in my mind nor recall her touch.

I am learning to accept that I love them while they are here in the here and now, and after that it all gets rather vague.

So I will continue to make the most of each day and continue to find joy in the little things.


  1. I'm very glad you moved to Nova Scotia and have loved our adventures :)

  2. Nova Scotia is abetter place 'cos you're there coz!!

  3. A real milestone! Retirement is great, at least that's been my experience so far.

  4. I'm happy we both moved to Nova Scotia :-) We've had lots of fun adventures! I'm sad for you, though, that you don't have memories the way most people do. Guess you'll just have to keep making new ones!

  5. So nice to follow your adventures. Your photos are great! I too accidentally fell into NS, never regretted that for a moment.

  6. Happy 10 year anniversary, Sybil. I, for one, love reading about your life in Nova Scotia, and I hope to visit and see this beautiful area for myself one day.

  7. I retired in June of 2009. Your Nova Scotia is beautiful.


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