Friday, April 10, 2020

If I wasn't here where would I be ?

I love exploring this glorious little province; you all are well aware of that.  But winter weather, a minor health scare, an ill-timed trip to Ontario and Covid-19 have all conspired to keep my wheels parked in the driveway for a very long time.

The last time I filled my car it was around $1.20 a litre; when I filled it two days ago it was .66 a litre !

So much has changed.

Daily I'd be off driving to one store or another and the dogs would be in the car with me.  They'd just chill and travel around until I settled on a good place for a walk: Sandy Lake, the Sackville trails, Webber Falls, and so many wonderful places.

Every week or so I'd go somewhere a bit farther afield.

Now like many, I am shopping only once a week; at 7 bloody a.m. do you mind !  And otherwise am told to not go anywhere that I cannot walk to.  That means no driving to parks or beaches. Besides they're all closed and fines of over $600 are being issued to those caught flaunting the rules.

But by following the rules and "staying the BLAZES at home!" as our Premier so eloquently and angrily put it, I hope to live to explore another day.   

Initially this post was going to be full of images of places I've explored in the past.  Rather than showing you where I cannot go at the moment, I'll show you where I've been lately.

Within walking distance of my home I've found a lovely wooded area on the Sackville River.

The dogs and I head onto one of several different trails daily.

A bit of scrambling gets me to this breath-taking view.

On a chilly day the valley is warmer as it's somewhat protected.

The beavers that made this pond seem to have moved on.

My companions and I are really very lucky.

I hope you are finding places to walk and new things to do during these "interesting times".

Stay well.  

Stay safe.


  1. Someone walked along the cliff right in front of our house today, in the crazy wind and pelting rain. He did NOT walk all the way out here from wherever he lives. Not sure what kind of stupid that is.

    It's great that you can find such nice places to walk close to home :-) We've just been walking up and down our road - 1.5kms uphill and then 1.5kms downhill every day!

  2. Kelly sometimes do you walk along the shore? Or is it too rough? My hips would kill me if I could only walk on concrete.

  3. You and the dogs must be missing your nature walks terribly. But some day you'll be able to go again!

    1. Debra, I ache to take them in the car and head to the Bay of Fundy (less than an hour away). How are you coping ?

  4. I still drive around a bit. I have to drive to my Community Mail Box as it's out of range of my walking/breathing limitations. So I pick up my mail and drive around just to see what's open and what's not, but I don't stop anywhere. I have friends who pick up my groceries for me. Right now, I only drive to the ATM late at night (with a bit of protection for my hands to click the buttons) and get some cash to pay for items brought to me.

    So far it's working. I don't have physical contact with anyone, so they and I are safe, and I stay sane!

    1. That's super Dean and folk are helping out ... but what are you doing to entertain yourself during our confinement ?

  5. Hi Sybill. Just gound your blog thru Tupman Family FB page. I omly have 1 Tupman, my 3rd G grandmother in Virginia. But love following the Tupman posts.

    1. How sweet of you to drop by Susan. I'm lousy with Tupmans; meaning there are loads of them. I find the group fun too. Alan is amazing.


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