Saturday, July 17, 2021

Funky town ...

 How are you dealing with the feelings of isolation that the pandemic has brought ?

My only social interractions are when I do the shopping for the family.

I shop a lot.

I thought when summer and gardening season came everything would feel different.
But it doesn't.  Not really.

I'm sleeping in too long.

Every damn day. 

Lacking the energy I used to have. 

But aren't you just tired of it all ?   Fed up ?

What are you doing to save your sanity ?

 Suggestions gratefully received.


  1. It's great in England, the more that cases go through the roof - the more they open up! Reverse psychology.

  2. As an introvert, I didn't find the isolation too overwhelming. But things are starting to open up a bit now and it's possible to get out and about a bit more. I've even eaten in restaurants a couple of times now! Exotic.

  3. I've spent a lot of time at the dog park where I can social distance but still talk to folks with a common interest.


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