Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Things are looking up

 On my woodland walks I like to look up into the crowns of the trees.

We  don't look up a lot.  Me, I worry about tripping on endless ropes of roots, or rolly polly ankle twisting rocks, and so my eyes are often fixed on the ground.

Nevertheless, I try to remind myself on each walk, to look up at least once.  And I'm rarely disappointed.

I've had to learn from experience that when I do look up, I need to lean against a nearby tree or I'll topple backwards !


It's wonderful to watch the changing colours of the seasons in the tree canopy.  From the budding lime greens of Spring,

to the deep rich greens of Summer.

In Nova Scotia, Autumns are long and mild and colourful.

Sometimes when I look up I see something unexpected.

Of course, some trees are green all year round.

While others are stark and bare.

Next time you're in the woods don't forget to look up.

Maybe next time I'll show you what I see when I look down.

BTW thanks for your comments on my last post.  Blogger seems to be letting folk leave comments but they show as "Anonymous".  So friends, if you leave a comment, include your name in the comment.

I'm happy to be back blogging.  Thanks for coming along with me.


  1. Heads Up! I love trees .. I am always in awe of all the different shapes, sizes and colors. Nature is wonderous. Enjoy. Betty

  2. Love your blogs, Sybil!
    Your tree canopy pics, capturing changes through the seasons are such a beautiful reminder of the changes that can be taken for granted. I'll keep looking up! (Charlotte)

    1. Thank you Charlotte. Are you much of a walker ?

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL Sybs. A nice virtual forest bath! Oh Mr. Owl! Thank you for the reminder. xo Julie


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