Friday, May 5, 2023

Rooting around ...

 Hiking various trails, my eyes are usually glued to the ground; not just because I'm looking for something in particular but rather because I don't want to break my pretty little neck tripping on a rock or a root !

Now if I happen to see something interesting while looking down, that's an added bonus and I stop to marvel.  

Just roots; but what a wonderful confusing mish mash of roots !   But I think that trees that have  likely to get blown over in high winds.their roots close to the surface are more

These trees were blown over during tropical storm Fiona.  You can see they were growing on top of rocks and their roots were shallow.  But afterward, little pools of water may form below the roots or the toppled tree provides shelter for small critters, and poof ! new habitats are created. It's never a zero sum game.

This tree looks like it's decided to go for a walk, rather like the Ents in "Lord of the Rings".  Something must have been there that is not there now; like a heap of soil, or a rotted log.

But what's wrong with just imagining that they're trees, walking V E R Y   S L O W L Y ?

I look at these locked tree roots and imagine that they're really good friends, supporting each other; in spite of, or even because of their differences. 

Could it be that some roots are keeping rogue rocks from sneaking away in the night ?

Some roots are quite literally hanging on for dear life.

I wonder why some roots choose to flare out across the surface,

while others dive down deep ?

Let's leave what is going on HERE for another day ! 

There's magic in them thar roots !  Feel free to make up your own stories about what you see below your feet. 


  1. Beware! Some those surface rooters could be giant Triffids. Look out for their sting!

    1. One more thing to worry about. Thanks for the warning Dean.

  2. Beautiful shots Auntie! Thanks for sharing them.


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