Saturday, November 18, 2017

Happy Birthday to me !

Today is my 12th birthday !    

Life for me started  as a fat bellied pup at the Peterborough Humane Society pound where I got adopted by mom.  I was one of the two remaining pups from a large litter of dogs that were alleged to be Lab / Shepard crosses;  something I dispute to this day.  Because they'd been inundated with pups the pound had taken out  ads in the local paper to find them all homes.    Because mom thought I was going to grow into very big dog she wanted to give me a gentle non-threatening name and that's how I got named Wendy.

Here I am with my pesky "sister", Sooki back when she was just a baby.

And here we are now.   I should never have let her think it was OK to lie on top of me.

I love stuffed toys !   I love seeing how quickly I can get to their soft centre and rip it out !


I'm told my face used to be all black and now I it's got lots of white fur but  I'm not sure why it matters.

I love to go camping but we don't do it enough.

I love balls !   I'm crazy about balls.  Sometimes when we go places and mom didn't bring a ball I find one; even if it's only half a ball.

I love to swim.  One time mom decided we were going to go over to Lawlor's Island and that I was going to swim the whole way.  She got me a life jacket.  Then she climbed into her kayak and set off.  I swam beside her for a bit but then I got scared.  I didn't want to swim all that way.  I tried to climb into the kayak.   Mom ended up having to give me a ride on the front of the kayak.

One time mom took me to the Pride parade and let me sit by myself.

I love exploring the woods,

and rolling; I really love rolling.

Sometimes I like to just sit and watch the kite surfers go by.

Other times I am so happy I can hardly contain myself.

All in all life is pretty good.

Can't wait to see what the next 12 years brings.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Two "meet 'n greets" !

A nearby doggie day care has "meet 'n greets" every Sunday at 10:30 so as a treat I thought I'd take Wendy and Sooki.

Usually Sooki enjoys these things but there were a lot of excitable dogs with a high energy vibe.

Can you see how she was not having "fun" ?

Some dogs were downright rude.  Jumping on humans is not cool.

Dear old Wendy kept leading me over to a section of fence that she hoped had a gate to let her the heck out of the chaos.   Occasionally she had to scold some rude dogs that were not playing nice.

Happily after many of the "bad" dogs left, the mood changed entirely and Sooki relaxed and had some fun playing with a Great Pryenees.

It wasn't exactly the outing we expected.


This evening I headed out to another "meet 'n greet" in downtown Halifax.   

Billed as a "Jagmeet and greet" it was an informal opportunity to meet the new head of the federal NDP (New Democratic Party), Jagmeet Singh.  I responded to the RSVP and arrived ten minutes early to an event that was to start at 6 pm.   So you can imagine my surprise when a line up extended down the street and around the corner !   

We stood in line stomping our feet trying to stay warm when we got the news that the venue was full and that it would be at least 30 minutes before they let us in.

In fact I never got  in.   Well to be honest I could have hung around, but Mr. Singh had quietly arrived and worked his way down the outside line to meet those of us who were waiting outside before he went inside for the speechifying and greeting in there.

Not exactly the outing I expected, but I'm OK with how it turned out...

Here's my pic of me and (hopefully) the next Prime Minister of Canada !

Note: yep, I'm still fooling around that that silly Prisma phone app.  Sorry.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Lower Sackville dawned with sunny skies and bitter winds.

At 10:30 the parade to the cenotaph departed.

I could hear the marching band playing old wartime songs; "Lilly Marlene" and "Bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover".   

One of the very old songs I knew because my mom used to sing it to me; "The Skye boat song".

A large crowd had gathered around the cenotaph.

I noticed this one gentleman standing alone.

A moment of silence in such a large crowd is a very moving thing.

What an odd patch this gent has put on his jacket.  I wonder why he chose it ?

Many different individuals and groups came forward to lay wreaths.

Clearly we have not forgotten.

Note:  I'm am quite taken with a free photo editing phone app called Prisma and used it to mess with these photos.  I'll try to restrain myself in future but no guarantees.  ;-)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A few more walks ...

My last post was about my spontaneous trip last Saturday to the dyke at Port Williams.

Sunday found us at Sandy Lake.

This fall has been even milder than usual which has made for some lovely late fall walks.  Sandy Lake park is only 10 minutes from my home and is a combination of wide open trails and up and down woodsy walks.

I cannot resist gently turning over rotten wet logs looking for Salamanders.  I'm loopy for Salamanders !

I found eleven of the little darlings and was thrilled to find three under one log.  These are red backed Salamanders and must be handled with great care as they partially breathe through their skin.   BTW I always roll the log gently back leaving them as I found them.

Sadly I also found lots of garbage in the form of empty beer cans.  I flattened them down and stuffed as many as I could into my small back pack.


Monday was a nasty wet day with driving winds so I took the dogs to Shubie which is sheltered more than most places we go to and has easy wide trails.  Shubie is a well-tended park with an off leash section.

The rain was sheeting down and I soon learned that an above-knee raincoat guarantees that one's legs will be soaked from the knees down; and I was.

Looking a tad bedraggled.

In spite of her lovely, lined raincoat Sooki wasn't impressed.  It certainly was one of our shortest walks.

I think Sooki would have passed on the walk if she'd known it was going to be so wet.


The next day was milder and dryer so we headed to the Jack Lake Trails.  These trails are longer and more adventurous than the Sandy Lake ones.  This is the area where I got badly lost a couple of weeks back.

Do NOT fret.  I have loaded a hiking Geo Tracker app onto my cell phone.  When I get out of my car I turn it on and always have an idea of my direction and more importantly how to get back to my starting point. 

The dogs love bombing around in the woods but are rarely more than fifty feet away.   

They like to stay close because they know I carry high quality treats.


November 1st found us back on the Barrett Lumber trails.  I'd been there once before.  They're wide open roads that lead for several kilometres.

Along the way we found some abandoned cars.

An old window crank mechanism
An old speedometer -- not in kilometres.

After walking two kilometres this is what confronted us.   Hmmmmm.   Decisions, decisions.

Actually the decision wasn't a hard one when I consulted the Geo Tracker app on my phone and was surprised to see these trails marked.  That lead me to continue on the main trail.  All three trails were dead ends.  The centre one was the longer trail.  I took it but didn't go to the end as I kept reminding myself that if I walked three kilometres outbound then I'd have to do that same amount back again.

After the almost 6 km. walk Sooki fell asleep sitting up in the car.


I end up at Shubie a couple of times a week.  We went back there today.


Thanks to a couple of blowy days most of the colourful leaves have been ripped from the trees.  Still there is a lingering beauty even in the bareness.

I took the opportunity to put the dog's through some obedience practice.  

I suspect if it wasn't for these dogs I wouldn't get half the exercise I do and let's not discount the marvellous therapeutic effects of time spent in nature.