Friday, October 2, 2015

What I did on my summer vacation. Part I.

Summer began with a visit from my "identical twin cousin" Carol and her hubby Don.

During their visit we visited three very different beaches.

First came Clam Harbour on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore which faces the chilly Atlantic Ocean.

Carol and Don at Clam Harbour

Is there anything more relaxing than a stroll along a beach ?  

When visitors come, I feel prompted to visit places I haven't been before.  It's hard to imagine that in six years I haven't made the easy one hour drive to Clam Harbour. 

Isn't it amazing that we had such a spectacular beach to ourselves on a lovely day in June ?

Found this ready-made on the beach.  Is it a mandala ?
Another day, Carol an I visited Burncoat Head on the Bay of Fundy. Though I've been there many times before it always delights,

even when the weather is less than ideal.  We arrived while the tide was out, but with 45 ft. tides it's important to be aware of when the tide is coming back in again.

Nope.  That's NOT me.  That's my identical twin cousin, Carol enjoying the muck of low tide. Check out her right foot.
Having a couple of goofy dogs romping on the soggy beach with us just added to the fun.

And lastly, on another day when the sun was actually shining, we visited another Fundy beach, the amazing, fossil-laden, Blue Beach.

At high tide there might be only 10 or 20 feet of beach to explore, and in some places there is NO beach left at all.  Should you not be paying attention to the incoming tide as you walk along with your head down, searching for fossils, you could get trapped in one of the many little coves as the incoming tide cuts off your exit route.

Carol and Don comb the shore for fossils.
 Here are some  fossils we spotted along the shore.

This might be fossilized sand shaped by the waves of a long-gone sea.

I wonder if these are fossilized worm tunnels or plants ?

I'm told there are fossil amphibian tracks along the shore, but after a couple of visits I still haven't found them.

So I better go back again next year to keep looking.

Care to come with me ?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bluenose outing ...

Back in 2011,  I posted about the refurbishment of our beloved Bluenose, the famous ship depicted on the Canadian 10 cent piece ,  

and on our Nova Scotia licence plate.    Should you feel nostalgic you can see that post here.

Though this is really the third incarnation of this ship, it is called the Bluenose II and not III.  Don't ask.  It's a long story.  The rebuild had a budget of $14.4 million and was to be completed by 2012. Instead the ship was just completed this summer (2015) at a cost of close to $20 million.  Among other boondoggles the design team opted for a heavy steel rudder rather than a wooden one like the original had, and were amazed in the summer of 2014 to find the ship difficult to steer !

But it's in the water now and I was thrilled to head to Lunenburg yesterday for a cruise on this legendary ship with blogger chums, Sara and Susan. (We call ourselves "S Club 3")  

Me, Sara and Susan with Lunenburg in the distance.
We motored out of the harbour, past the lighthouse and into the open sea where we stopped, killed the engine and put up only two of the sails as the wind was pretty strong.

Lunenburg and the "Haven" lighthouse.
Soon we were clipping along, not really feeling the chop of the waves, but quite aware that from time to time the deck was tilting enough to make it necessary to HANG ON if you were going to go on walk about.

Me.  Trying out that wind-blown, "hair straight back look".
Sara, rockin' the wind blown look.
It was a marvellous outing and well worth the $45.  If you're ever gonna be in Lunenburg and the Bluenose isn't laid up for repairs of one kind or another, definitely give it a whirl.

Coming back into harbour.
Just don't take their parking spot !

And here kiddies as an added bonus is a video from the outing ...

Friday, September 25, 2015

YAWN ...

I've missed blogging, but found it hard to kick myself in the arse and just write a post.

In order to make it easier on myself I decided to make today's attempt at re-entry into the blog-o-sphere simple.

It's late in the evening and I'm tired, so I simply searched my photo "tags" for "yawn" and am posting what I found ...

If defy you NOT to yawn looking at these pics.



Wendy and Butters !

Roswell baby sitting Charlotte back when she was a kitten.


Roswell and Trey
Now confess.

Did looking at these pictures make you yawn ?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Apple Blossom Festival

Aside from a drive a couple of weeks ago to meet up with a couple of fellow bloggers in Lunenburg, I can't remember the last time I had an "adventure".

Susan, Sara and me (and Wendy)
After that awful long nasty winter  -- Can you believe I'm still bitching about it? -- I felt it was high time for one, so I hopped in my car this morning with Wendy and Sooki and we headed for Wolfville and the "Apple Blossom Festival".  

Our first stop was at a park in Wolfville that leads to dyke lands beside the Bay of Fundy.   Fog still hung low over the Bay, obscuring Blomidon in the distance.

The dogs romped across the fields and occasionally ran into the water and or slopped about in the muck.

Can you see Wendy's footprints ?

Then they'd tear out of the muck and run around like a loonies and then roll in the grass.

Sooki galloping up the hill with a big sloppy grin on her face.

Check out Sooki's paws.  Black from the muck.

After they had a good run we went back to the car to go find Apple Blossoms.

Good news !

We found them.

Oh the scent was as marvellous as the blossoms were beautiful.   Ahhhh bliss !

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How buggy is my valley ?

The answer to that question is very buggy.

Very, very buggy.

It seems like there was barely a one week or two between the last of the snow drifts and the first clouds of pesky midges.  

What's a girl to do ?

Well this girl went to the Dollar Store and got this very fetching hat with attached bug netting.

I'm hoping that I'm not going to have to wear this all summer in the woods but considering the beauty of "my" new woods, it's a price I am willing to pay.

I've always been a little nutty for Moss.  

And after our long bitter Winter and overly late Spring I am finding these bursting greens intoxicating.

And Wendy and Sooki are always happy to tag along.

BTW I had to discard a lot of images because bugs were flitting in front of the lens.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Rescue mission !

Yesterday while walking in "my" new woods I spied something unusual in a recently dried-up puddle.  Actually it wasn't ONE something.  There were a couple of somethings.  And the more I looked,  the more somethings I found.

Can you see them ?

Here's a closer look.

The somethings were Wood Frog egg masses.

I wondered why they were high and dry as egg masses can not survive outside of water. My best guess would be that this overly long Winter and late Spring put off the frogs' schedule, and the eggs were laid late and the pond dried up before the eggs had a chance to hatch and grow.

For once I was glad that some thoughtless person had dumped their junk in the woods, as I found a small plastic pail which I filled with water from a puddle ...

and  collected as many masses as I could and took them to a vernal pool in the woods.  I hope that that pool will be able to sustain them for the 6-8 weeks they need to hatch and turn from Tadpoles into Frogs.

Vernal pool in the woods
Today Kaitlyn and I headed back to see if we could find any more stranded egg masses that I'd missed, and to move other batches from a ditch that was close to drying up.

See all the floating masses ?

We gathered them all up and re-located them to the vernal pool

 But stopped for a quick photo op first.

We'll keep an eye on the vernal pool.  Not sure WHAT I'll do if it shows signs of drying up.  I'm hoping for some good Spring rains to keep it replenished.

And I WILL go back tomorrow just to make sure we didn't miss any.