Monday, March 26, 2012

Really ? Are you kidding me ?

One day I found myself driving behind a truck sporting a lovely pair of pink testicles.   It was hypnotic watching them swaying back and forth, back and forth.  I wanted to pull up beside the driver at the next light, roll down my window, smile demurely, and coo, "Nice testicles".

But I didn't.   I'm such a wuss.

Didn't get a shot of the pink testicles. This is a
different set I saw around the same time.  YES, a different set.

Total chick magnet.  I mean, what girl can resist a truck decorated with swinging, plastic, man parts ?


Being of an inquiring mind I set out to learn what I could, so I Googled, "truck testicles", and was delighted to be presented with five different web pages selling these enchanting car decorations.

"Made of solid abs plastic and painted a military green.  Has the veins, wrinkles like the rest.  Some of our customers requested this color in a larger size for their quads.  We aim to please !  8" at lower nut, comes in at just under a pound."

It's nice that they point out that one of the nuts hangs lower than the other.

"This pink looks almost like cotton candy.  Great gift for your girls ride.  Solid ABS plastic, color all the way thru, veins, realistic, 8" at lower nut, 4 1/4" wide and approx 2" thick.  Weighs just under a pound."

What girl wouldn't be thrilled to find one of these under the Christmas tree ?

Nutz for your truck reassures its customers that: " ALL Novelty Testicle Sets Made to Swing".

Bulls Balls, the originator of balls for your truck,  boldly claims: "We are the Foremost Truck Balls Company in the World!" 

Ranging in price from $14.99 to over $50 they come in a dazzling selection of colours and sizes. They  make them for motorcycles and you can even get a set for your key chain !

But as stupid as they are, I was surprised to learn that the state of Florida has banned them.  Florida, a state where carrying a guns is OK, but displaying plastic testicles is not.

Really ?  Are you kidding me ?


  1. No comment really. I mean.........what's wrong with furry dice?

  2. What are they thinking? My question would be "WHY"? Weird for sure.

  3. Perhaps these "persons" need to display these on their trucks as a result of lacking the originals!

    Just a thought.

    And ya, they're gross!


  4. the world is a very, very scary place ... back to my bubble xo S & les Gang

  5. OMG, this is hilarious. PINK?!!! Really? Well, I guess that's better than blue....

  6. I think ITC-1 pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    Linda, I'm sure they do come in blue. And brass !

    Susan, I like to think it's a funny place.

    Lynne, do you think Donald would like a pair ? or is it a set ?

    Bonnie, making up for some inadequacy ?

  7. So weird! It does beg the question "why?" Have you heard the song "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith? One of the lines exclaims, "you sir, do not have a pair of testicles if you prefer drinking from glass" - something about this post reminded me of that! ;-)

  8. Oh. My. God! Ha ha, I almost spit on the computer when first reading this. I thought, oh, Sybil's gone over the testiclled edge! Never, ever saw testicles hanging on a truck, but now my eyes are going to be peeled. I mean, this is truck country 'round here. I suppose it's testicle country too, but have never thought of it that way...

  9. They are indeed a tad puerile. One day while waiting in traffic to go over the Macdonald Bridge I was stuck behind a vehicle that had two mature intact Great Danes in the back with their rears pressed up against the hatchback window. I'm sure the driver thought it was very funny but I felt sorry for the dogs. Good thing dogs are too mature to be bothered by something like that.

  10. Wow Rachel -- the real thing !

    karma -- "why?" ... compensating ?

    Kathy, had a friend email me a shot of a lovely pair of SILVER balls hanging from a truck at the local Costco.


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