Saturday, April 28, 2012

Raindrops on roses ...

One of my favourite things is having fun with friends. 

Karma, over at Karma's, When I Feel Like it Blog issued a photo challenge for April -- and just like in my old school days, I'm submitting my assignment at the very last minute.

Karma explained: "I have two objectives in this month’s assignment: 1) to give you a creative spark and 2) to find out more about you!".   

She asked us to photograph at least four of our favourite things, but "brown paper packages tied up with strings" were verboten.  

And so dear followers -- all 16 of you -- I humbly offer a few of my favourite things ...

Gardening.  Messing about in the dirt.

Doing things with my dogs, Wendy and Trey.

Wondering, thinking and pondering, about God.

Exploring and photographing the world, with my "dime-store" digital camera.

Exploring, exploring, exploring.

Kayaking, preferably with a friend.
Visiting different beaches.

... with a dog.

I realize now that I mentally added the words, "to do", in my interpretation of Karma's challenge.  Rather than showing you favourite things to see, I gave it more of a favourite things to do slant.  

Also, I think I was supposed to take NEW photos, and these aren't, and what's worse -- I didn't even take the first photograph.   Sigh ... 

Well Karma, I think you have learned something about me -- not only do I submit my assignments at the last moment, I fail to read the directions thoroughly.  

Hope I don't get another "D".


  1. Enjoyed your favorite things. I especially liked the shadow picture and that kinda funky one with the pink thingy. I added words to mine as well.

  2. I agree with Diggingher, your fav things are cool. To hell with the rules!! I think I have to choose the doggie ones as my picks. Looks like you have sun over there sometimes. We have forgotten about it here. Rain and more rain, but still drought!!

  3. Hey, did you steal my favorite things, or can more than one person have the same?

  4. Lynne, that drought must be awful for it to be withstanding your deluge. Glad you're getting the rain, you really need it.

    Les, I give you permission to have the same favourite things ... actually it's rather flattering.

  5. Oh Sybil! You could never fail on of my photo hunts! There were no strict rules on this, and I really like what you did. Favorite things "to do" are just fine and I love it. You've got me very curious about your "dimestore" digital camera - what is that exactly?
    Archived photos are just fine too - if I creatively sparked you to look through your archives, that counts too, don't you think? (I used archived shots for half of my own hunt!!)
    No bonus for you? ;-)

  6. Thanks Karma, It's a small Cyber-shot that I got off e-Bay for $40.

  7. Loved your favorite things do...!!! The best thing about these photo challenges is that we can break all the implied rules without fear! The more rules broken the more fun the game! :)

  8. A+ Sybs! Your photos are always so beautiful.. yer the best dime-store photo-taker I ever did meet :)
    xo j.

  9. Your favorite things to do are much better life choices than, say, my favorite things to eat. Not that I did the assignment in any case, I'm just saying. I'm curious about the magnifier thingy. In fact, I have been distracted by an idea and have to go play with it.

  10. Sybil, the magnifying glass thing you do is pretty cool. In fact, all around, you're a pretty cool person to know :) And those glasses are a refreshing change from the seaweed headdress.

  11. Very nice list of things. I don't think I'd be able tocome up with such an interesting photo show.
    I like the shadow of you and your doggies.


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